Cannot access bios 970a-ud3p

my problem is i cannot get into my bios screen no matter what i do with this board this is the second board ive had il hit delete and just get a bank screen same with hitting f12 for the boot menu etc is it something with this board? i tried clearing cmos with my last one and couldnt get back into my pc any help would be great cannot find a solution anywhere
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  1. thanks suztera im on windows 7 though i did come across that myself
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    Have you got another monitor or gpu to test if it comes up on other hardware?
  3. oops didnt mean to select it as the best solution nevermind ive still got my old gtx 550ti and a monitor didnt think to try that il try later and let you know
  4. I unselected until you have actually found your solution.
  5. wow it was as simple as that cannot believe i didnt think to try that thanks suztera
  6. No problem
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