how to wipe a hard drive on a computer with multiple drives.

So I would like to wipe out the memory of a hard drive a hdd on my computer. This computer has an ssd for the os and an hdd for everything else. I would like to use a data destruction software to do this, but I am afraid that I will not be able to choose only one drive, and the content on the ssd will also be deleted. Is there a safe way to delete one drive on a computer with multiple storage drives? How would I do this?

Thanks! Sincerely Omar Khan
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  1. You should easily be able to select the right drive in any such software. But if you wish to be perfectly sure try this:

    You will be able to boot from the CD so you can actually disconnect your SSD and leave only the other drive hooked up. The active killdisk will let you do a DOD level wipe.
  2. You can do it directly from within Windows.

    Windows Explorer
    Select the drive
    Right click
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    I use Wipedrive Pro which not only lets you pick which drive you want to wipe, but will wipe RAID arrays also. It will do DoD 3-Pass and DoD 7-pass wipes with or without verify and is also approved by the DoJ for data eradication.
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