Flashing LED's through power on motherboard?

Alright so I have a strand of green LED's that are connected to the SYS_FAN1 output on my motherboard. I then thought, hey, how cool would it be to be able to make the lights flash by somehow managing the power to that specific port, is this at all possible? It's not super important I just thought I'd try and ask around, thanks!!!
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  1. yes it is possible but would require some very specific programing to make the motherboard hardware turn the fan power on and off regularly. it wouldn't be easy so I just give up on that, it be easier to build a simple circuit to do it.
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    I'd use a microcontroller to do it, it'd be easy to power the MC from the PC so it only goes when on, but you'd also be able to program it with different flashing patterns and such (also dimming effects with PWM), Here's an $8 one that's arduino compatible and super easy to use:
  3. Thank you both. It was just one of those things I figured I should ask about, it's the best way to learn!
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