pci serial port is not now showing in device manager win7 and i want to install a video card

I have a dell optiplex 755 and I wish to install a video card. I have checked the device manager and there is no pci serial port showing there. It was there before. Any ideas?
Will it appear after when I install the card. How do I install the drivers if it is not listed in the device manager.

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  1. You are always best to open the system to ensure you have the required port for a video card. Most times this will be PCI Express(check under System Devices).

    The reason I say to open it is that I have seen some cheaper systems back in the day that had the spot for a card, but the slot was not installed. To add to this the board will have other pci-e slots used for other devices. So looking is ALWAYS the way to go.
  2. I have the pci slot in the computer, the pci slot was showing in the device manager but is not now, I have updated the bios and chipset recently could this have caused the problem

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    I would guess you updated the chipset drivers.

    I do not think the pci slot just went away. The chipset drivers may rename it. They defaults may be called pci-pci device.

    You know pci(not pci-e) slots are VERY old and would not be good for any modern card. I sure hope you mean pci-e.
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