Cannot see desktop with onboard video

Hi folks, so this path month has been nothing but headaches with this pc....but thanks to everyone's help we got it all and extremely depressing problem

Was playing a terrible game called watchdogs on my amd 6970 sapphire, things were great on low settings got in like 4hrs of gameplay and tzzz...pc shut off i immediately check gpu annd i can smell the burn lol was so hot i could feel the heat pouring out of it, so after 10 mins i took out gpu because im positive its done (really sad cuz i loved that gpu), and i switch to my hdmi port on mobo....i can see bootup and windows logo but after that it flickers on my tv and the.n just black screen

What ive tried:
Cleared cmos
Disabled pcie and set igpu
Set everything back to auto
Put gpu back in and it worked then completely shut off in about 10 mins
Tried getting into safe mode but it keeps asking to select boot device i do it and then it loads windows recovery manager (which isnt Set up lol)

8gb 2x4gb ram
Asus saberrtooth z77
2 hdds
1 dvd drive
Corsair hx850w gold psu

All help is greatly appreciated
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  1. What I would suspect is some kind of driver conflict issue. First, take your GPU and clean it really well, and do everything you can to cool it. Just so it will last a few extra minutes. Go in and uninstall the AMD drivers. I suspect that will help.
  2. I uninstalled amd drivers, and then tried to install asus video accelerated graphics drivers from asus website it gave an error saying i dont the minimum requirements i tried plugging in the onboard hdmi and it still didnt at a loss
  3. Would installing lucid logix help?
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    Sorry was taking a test. Anyways I know exactly what your issue is, and no Lucid Logix won't help.

    The issue when you are booted up with the graphics card installed is that in the BIOS, AMD disables the integrated graphics processor by default. This is a power saving feature, and you actually would go into bios to enable it if you wanted to use the integrated for dual monitors (which I am doing) or using Lucid Logix.

    To fix the issue, now you have AMD software all uninstalled, shut down, remove the graphics card from the system, and boot. The system should work normally from that point on. You will need to install the driver still, but you can do that after it is booted.
  5. Thanks so much! I can finally do my assignment!!
  6. No problem, just let me know if anything else goes wrong :)
  7. IInuyasha74 said:
    No problem, just let me know if anything else goes wrong :)

    LOL oh ill be back, i just know it.
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