new acer aspire E1-522 running slow after a few days. Please help

Hi, i got a brand new acer aspire E1-522 with windows 8.1 a few days ago, i downloaded some stuff(nothing that i didnt have on my old laptop) and its been running really slow ever since.
When i browse the internet(google chrome) i keep getting ads popup in new tabs, it takes a good 3 seconds for words that i have typed to come up, sometimes google chrome just shuts down, programs that i open take a while to actually open and then they usually end up non responding.

i dont know much about laptops so im not sure if this information is necessary but it has
- AMD dualCore Processor E1-2500(1.4GHz)
- AMD Radeon HD 8240 with 512MB Graphics System Memory
- 15.6" HD LED LCD
- 4GB DDR3L Memory
- 500 GB HDD
4-cell Li-ion battery

please help, any help would be fantastic but if the answers could be a little more detailed would be great.

thanks heaps in advance :)
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    Start out by downloading and running this free program:

    Since this is a new computer you do not need to do much more than the above. Let us know the results.
  2. thankyou this worked, turned out it was something called v9. thanks heaps again :)
  3. rheannam94 said:
    thankyou this worked, turned out it was something called v9. thanks heaps again :)

    You are welcome! Glad it worked for you!

    This needs to be done on every off-the-shelf (store purchased) computer; Dell, HP, Asus, Sony, etc. Manufacturers install all types of third party programs in order to subsidize and lower the cost and the price at which the products are offered for sale.
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