1866 Ram on Asus Z97-Pro XMP issue

As the title says I am having an issue with the XMP profiles, when I go into the bios and look I see X.M.P and it has a drop down menu but ONLY disabled is there... Also using passmark my memory shows 1333 only and it is rated at 1866... Any idea what the problem is? I also tried using the simple EZ-XMP switch on the motherboard and that seems to do nothing as well..

If it helps I am using this Ram: HyperX Fury Black Series
I am installed into slots A2/B2 based on the recommendations of the manual. Any advice/tips would be appreciated.
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  1. Do you have the latest BIOS? If so, might try clearing the CMOS then install the sticks and try
  2. Tradesman1 said:
    Do you have the latest BIOS? If so, might try clearing the CMOS then install the sticks and try

    Have the latest bios and have tried clearing CMOS, I am calling ASUS right now.

    Edit: Asus claims that it must be a memory incompatibility
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    Have you tried in A1 and B1.....Also might ty with a single stick in A1, if no joy in B1, if any boot into BIOS try XMP or setting manually
  4. I have not tried A1 and B1, might try that tomorrow, however the good news is that the ram appears to be running at the correct speed so I am wondering if it really is just not compatible with XMP...
  5. The BIOS might not be ready for that particular set of timings/freq (should be), but one thing to keep in mind with the humongous selection of DRAM out there, most BIOS updates (and you'll rarely see it mentioned) contain lots of fixes for DRAM compatibility
  6. I'm no expert, but I am catching up, and my conclusion was that memory was good for the price but I do believe it is not XMP enabled ram. That was the information I gleaned from examining Kingston's Hyper Fury specification. I believe it is PnP only. For aboiut a £5 more I can get Corsair V Pro which is XMP enabled.

    I'm opting for Corsair V Pro 1866 instead. Tonight bloody tonight for god sake choose!
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