SSD primary, HDD VS SSHD as secondary

I have an SSD as C windows and blizzard games, i want to upgrade my secondary drive for more space.

Would it matter if i get a SSHD VS a HDD as the second drive?
Partition it D and E and put steam on D and Origin on E.
I read about the cache being persistent or it can clear after boot.
How does it work? and would the Cache benefit loading of games/levels/maps?
Does the Cache hold the most use data? will it change it because I'll be playing a lot of different games?
Or is the whole thing a wash cause the SSD windows cache would do the job of the Secondary SSHD cache defeating the purpose.

TY for your response.
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    There's no point of running an SSD with a hybrid drive as storage. Just stick with a regular HDD.
  2. Well it's not just "storage", I'll be playing games off of it.
    Would it still matter?

    Could the SSHD improve performance in loading the games/maps/levels from a SSHD VS a HDD?

    Ty for your quick response...
  3. I feel like the best answer in this topic best sums it up:
  4. The PS3 greatly benefited from having a SSD to run game like GTA V and Rage because it only had 512 MB of memory to use. That had to be shared with the OS and the GPU. It was constantly loading new data to the RAM because it couldn't keep everything in it.

    In contrast, I would assume you have substantially more memory. Common PC games today will only see a difference in loading time. Once everything is loaded, the fps and everything else should be no different between an SSD and a HD unless you are short on RAM.

    Just get a big HD and be done with it.
  5. Yes and i also read the next comment...

    "Yeah I was considering the HDD mostly because the native speed was faster, being a 7200rpm drive. I'll probably mostly use this drive for playing games that aren't on my SSD and for storage. Since most games are bigger than 8GB, I don't really see how an SSHD would give much of an advantage. "

    Thank you both for your fast responses...
  6. My games work quite well in my HDD too.
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