I want to replace my 3 monitors with new matching ones

I'd like to replace my current monitors (all 3 are different) with new matching ones, but I'd like for one to be 120 or 144hz for playing CS:GO and other FPS titles.

I planned on going with 2x these and 1x this.

I just don't think that they'd physically match or look identical when set-up, I'd also like to put them all on one monitor stand that held 3x monitors so if anyone can recommend one that'd be great.

Would they look similar enough to get, or should I get other monitors that are identical/for other reasons like better pricing or less latency?
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    I would suggest if you can afford it going with three of these, if not, just go with three of the ones that you are wanting to get two of as it is always better to have all monitors the same and certainly the same refresh rate as well and besides they behave all the same then
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