New GPU, Please Help!

Hi guys,

Im building a new pc from scratch (including mouse, speakers, monitor, OS,etc.).
So far everything looks in place until i thought about which graphics card to buy.
I was looking at gtx 760. but i was also wondering about SLI.
My budget for graphics card is 300 to 350 usd.
I wanted you guys expert opinion on which card I shold purchase.

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  1. Are you wanting a nvidia?
  2. yes I want Nvidia
    I will be gaming on ultra settings.
    Games like Watch Dogs, Metro Last Night, Batman , etc....
  3. I would say I'd you're gonna be playing games like that, and with your price range a gtx 770 is gonna be the best for you. I wouldn't get anything with 2 gb though, I've thought about sli and crossfire but it hasn't really been utilized enough to be worth getting yet. Especially when you can get one card that's gonna do it no problem
  4. so you're suggesting i go with gtx 770 with 4gb?
  5. If you plan on running an SLI and you buy a 4gb card, you need a 2nd 4gb card to sli with other wise it'll only use 2gb I believe.
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    Yes I'd say that's gonna be the best for your price and games you listed on ultra as well. Are you gonna be using just one monitor? Also I'd try to go with one that has an after market cooler on it

    Edit: he's right too you have to have the same card if you decide to sli in the future just so you know, it can be a different brand but same card.
  7. I wont be doing sli as spitball has said it isnt utilized much, and some games dont support sli.
    do you think a single gtx 770 with 2 or 3 gb vram will do?
  8. 2gb would be enough for most games, the newer games like watch dogs might use more vram, buying the 4gb version might be able to benefit more in high texture games.
  9. Ok thanks for your answers, i will go with a single gtx 770 with 4gn vram. :)
  10. That will be fine but I'd go with 3 gb, most games call for 2 but it won't be long and they'll be up to 3 and it's just future proof. Don't get me wrong 2 will still do just fine on those games, but you won't be playing ultra once it starts asking for 3gb.
  11. I believe for single monitor 2GB VRam is sufficient and in my opinion getting a single better card is better than getting a similar performing sli/crossfire setup due to some reasons:
    -power draw
    -Driver/game optimization.
  12. I cant seem to find a 3gb version of the 770, only 4gb and 2gb.
    Any sites you guys know which will have it?
  13. There are only 2gb or 4gb versions. There are no 3gb version of the 770.
  14. Ok thx.
  15. Sorry I didn't realize they hadn't released a 3gb version, but I'd go with a 4 to be safe. It's gonna give you the ultra settings no problem, and longer future proof
  16. Ok... 1 final question.... will my i5 4670 (non overclock) bottleneck the 770 4gb?
  17. No it wont bottleneck.
  18. Ok thanks guys for your help, cant wait to play! ;D
  19. No you're all set so long as your psu is good and has the wattage, but happy gaming and enjoy your card :)
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