Hey, I don't know if I should buy a Athlon 760k and a R7 260x dedicated graphics card for a 200$ combined cost.


AMD A10-7850K APU with R7 260x Graphics
also for 200$

isn't the APU better because you get the same graphics and slightly a better CPU as one unit instead of 2?

The APU came out in 2014.
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    The graphics of the APU will be noticably less powerful than that of a dedicated graphics card, because when the GPU is on a seperate card, it has way more physical room for optimization, additionally graphics cards have their own cooler, making it easier to overclock (built-in graphics are usually underclocked to not run warm). I can also mention that some AMD APU+(dedicated)GPU combinations have the option to run in dual graphics mode, utilizing the graphics power of both, kinda like crossfire, but with APU-GPU instead of GPU-GPU.
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