Noob question regarding to XFire HD7970 and R9 280X


I currently own a Sapphire HD7970 Vapor-X 3Gb GHz Edition. I've been thinking of adding one more GPU and Crossfire them. However, I am a compete noob when it comes to Crossfire.

The card currently available in store is Sapphire R9 280X Toxic 3Gb. My question:

1. I've seen people saying 7970 + 280 works, but is this combination a complete waste of money?
2. Which card should I make as primary?
3. Both cards are OC-ed at the factory. When they XFire, will any problem occur?
4. When crossfire, the system will take the card with lowest clock rate. In this case, will it make the 280X a complete waste of potential?

Thanks a lot and hope you guys can help out. There's a lot for me to learn.
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    It will work fine, the 280x is basically identical to a 7970, was pretty much a rebrand.

    You can use MSI afterburner to set the speeds to match if you want.
  2. I'd make the card that has a same port as your monitor as the primary card. If they both have, then go with the 280x
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