Need water cooling loop advice

I am looking to build a water cooling loop and have looked online for parts but it is just to confusing. I have done it before but bought all the parts together. Can anyone help me decide on a build? I am looking to cool my cpu and gtx 680 for the lowest price possible.

Here is the cpu block I had in mind Swiftech Apogee XL CPU Water Block from pc case gear

Thank you so much for any help
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    Ok, just make sure all your blocks are compatible with G1/4 threads. THere are others but this is by far the most widely available. Next, select your tubing size. Your flow rate will be the same whatever size it is, but the pressure will drop more with skinnier tubing. Make sure the fittings you select match your tube size. For example I'm ordering 3/8, 5/8 tubing, get 3/8, 5/8 fittings (3/8 ID, 5/8 OD). Next, count how many components you're cooling. For you it looks like 2, so make sure you have 2 fan slots on your radiator. I've got 2 water blocks in my system so I'm buying a dual 120 radiator. I don't care about noise so I'm going to get a high fin count radiator and high pressure fans for the most performance possible (generally high pressure fans will have pretty high flow rates as well). I would recommend a full card block for your vid card, but if you really wanna save money, get a universal VGA block and stick heat sinks on your VRAM and VRMs. A fan nearby would help with those too.
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