Asus Maximus VI Hero BIOS update or not?

My PC has been built now for about 4 months. I stumbled upon a BIOS update that I may need to have a small overclock. Thats because my BIOS version is old (Ver 0804) there have been 8 updates since, the new one is (Ver 1504). The 4th update after my current version features support for forth gen Intel Haswell processors.. Which I am using just fine, a i5-4670k in fact.

So I ask do I need to update my BIOS to make my system more stable and will it improve over all CPU performance and overclock-ability?


Thank you for the help.
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    yes, I would update your BIOS, you may not notice the difference at all, but it is always best to be at the latest BIOS. I doubt OC will be more stable and that you'll have the ability to clock higher, but efficiency of your CPU more likely.
  2. Ok It wont hurt anything I assume updating the BIOS currently? i just need to unzip the new BIOS update, put it on a zip drive and plug that into the BIOS usb slot on my mobo right?
  3. no damage will be done, it is safe. Flash Your BIOS in BIOS.
  4. Thank you for your help. With the Asus motherboards there is a simple way.
    -Install Asus Ez Flash
    -Download new BIOS update from
    -UnZip file
    -Select the .Cat file from the contents of the unziped BIOS update download through Ez Flash
    -Click start
    -computer will restart a few times and Done!
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