MSI 760 GTX 2G Twin Fozr 4 vs MSI R9 270X Gaming 4gb

Guys, please help me choose between the two.
Performance wise the 760 gtx beats the 270x 2gb hands down.
I have read that 270X is not strong enough touse the 4gb.
But will the 4gb, in ANY scenario, make some difference now or in the future.
Also, is mantle a game changer ?

The rig i am thinkng of buying is

AMD FX 5320

M5a97 r2.0

1tb hd

4gb corsair vengeance RAM

Cooler Master Thunder 600 watts psu

Also, any alternate psu in the same range. Seasonic is not an option as the service in my area is terrible.
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    if you plan to go the 4GB, it will only make a difference if you go Crossfire down the road, if not then the 2Gb vs 4GB will be exactly the same. If you want proof to this, I can (Even for 4k, multiple screens and when games require more then 2GB Vram).

    The GTX 760 is still the better choice.

    mantle is only a game changer in games that have their engine, and from the top of my head that's only two games. Physx engines are in far more games and more modern day games, making Nvidia have the better drivers.
  2. Thanks for answer. 760 gtx it is
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