is it safe to use a molex to sata adapter

i broght an led strip light for my case but its a molex connector and i want to connect it to front panel rear panel light switch which is sata is it ok to use a sata to molex adapter like this one
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  1. I don't quite understand. "front panel rear panel light switch" doesn't help.

    Why don't you just use a molex connectors off your psu? Any 12V source is OK
  2. I use to them all the time but now I just run a SATA line. now I find myself using SATA to MOLEX adapters for things like NZXT lighting.
  3. I'd prefer not to add adapters. KISS principle.
  4. sorry for confusion i have a nzxt case and the front panel has a switch to turn on or off a rear light for io panel what id like to do is be able to turn on or off the led light strip i just fitted using that switch but that case switch is sata and led bar is molex
  5. can you explain the kiss principle
  6. Sheesh - Keep It Simple Stupid! K.I.S.S.
  7. lol well keeping it simple would be not using stupid abbreviations
  8. I had the same issue with my NZXT H440 with the NZXT LED strip. The case lighting use Molex and the LED strip use molex. I ran a SATA power cable from the power supply then used a SATA to MOLEX adapters
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