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Don't know whether to wait for the new 800 series graphic cards from Nvidia, or not? Or to just buy a high end 700 series for future proof gaming. Suggestions??
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  1. 900 series should be even better then the 800 series
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    If you want a future proof machine, you should travel to the future and buy a machine then. That would be cheaper too.

    But seriously: If you want a new pc before next spring, go for the 700 series. If you can wait, it always pays off to wait. There is always better hardware on the horizon. Nobody that does not work at Nvidia knows how much better the next chip will be, and it seems like the next release is sometime 2015, so it is impossible to answer this correctly. The 780 and 780ti are very good cards, and will probably keep your pc good for several years.
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