Using old HDD in new PC build as a storage drive

I am getting a new copy of windows 7 as the copy on this old HDD was an OEM version, I am going to install this new copy of w7 onto my new SSD before putting the HDD into the build.

Once this is done can I add the old HDD and just delete windows off of it so I can keep all the files on it without wiping it?
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  1. Yes, it shouldn't be a problem at all.
  2. kenrivers said:
    Yes, it shouldn't be a problem at all.

    Thanks! That's great :D
    How do i go about deleting windows from the old HDD once i've put it in?
  3. Once you put the HDD in, go to disk management, and reformat the drive.
    There really isn't an easy way without backing up files first.
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    ss201sl is right, the best thing to do would be to either backup the files first or copy the important files to another drive and then format the disk. This will give you the most available free space and will assure the "old" windows is gone.
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