Will have my memory in slot 0 and slot 1 be better than slot 0 and slot 3 (present configuration)?

Hi, i have a Asus AMD motherboard M5A97 , i have 2 sticks of 1866 ram one in slot 0 and one in slot 3 , would it make any difference if i put the slot 3 stick into slot 1 , so that they work better together ? or will it make no difference ?? e.g slot 0 and slot 1 ?
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  1. You should check your motherboard manual, but your memory configuration should either be slot 0/slot 1 or slot 0/slot 2 or slot 1/slot 3

    -Wolf sends
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    You want to have them in slots A2 and B2 (blue slots). If you have them in the A1 and B1 (black slots), it probably wont make a difference. The manual suggests A2 and B2 for 2 DIMMs but so long as you don't mix them like A1 and B2 or vice versa. You want to have them on similar slots to utilize dual channel access.
  4. Look at 2.2.3 on the manual on page 2-5. This tells you what slots you should put the memory in to maintain dual channel mode.
  5. Wolfshadw said:
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    Hi , i have just checked my bios , i am in slot 1 and slot 3 , i think that means there in the same bank , as each slot is the same colour , e.g slot 1 is blue and slot 3 is blue...slot 0 is black and slot 2 is black.
  6. thank you for your replys :)
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