gtx 760 or 770?

What's a better match
Fx 6300/770
Fx 8320/760?

Which would be better gaming?
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  1. 6300 and 770 would be better than 8320 and 760 just because 770 is better than 760.
    But a better match would be 770 and 8320.
  2. if you are going stock and reference cooler on gpu and cpu its not worth it.
    calculate the price with aftermarked cooler for both cpu and gpu. still same budget?
  3. Depending on the games you play, you'll likely get a bottleneck with the 6300 and 770. So my vote goes for an i5 and a 770. Seriously, it's not that much more expensive.
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    If you are on a budget, get the 6300/760 or an i3 4130/760. If you are not on that tight of a budget, get the 8320/770 or an i5 4670k/770. If you can only afford either a higher tier cpu or gpu, but not both, then do a an i5 4670k/760. You aren't going to need to upgrade your CPU very often to keep up with newer games as they come up, but your gpu will have to be upgraded more often. So if you are on a tighter budget, you might as well get a better cpu now that will last you 8 years and just get a mid range gpu since in 3 years or so you will need to upgrade that anyway to keep up with new games even if you get a 770.

    Get the K version of the i5 and you will be able to overclock it when it starts to show it's age in 6 or 7 years, then you can get another year or two of life from it. That CPU will be able to keep up fine through the current console life span (which 95% of games are being designed for then ported to pc).
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