battlefield 4 crashing

Today when i started BF4 it took some time to start,then it continued as usual.
But when I try to play,it connects to the server,loads the level and then CRASHES.
When this happens,I get a pop-up saying your computer is running low on memory.
So to check if this is the case,I opened up task manager and observed -

I was only using 3 out of 8 gigs of RAM
Astonishingly the disk usage was 100%

What should I do?
Would re-installing fix this issue?

Thank you.
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  1. Open Resource Monitor and reproduce the issue. This should shed some light on the cause.

    My guess is your antivirus isn't agreeing with BF4 for some reason.
  2. I ain't got an antivirus.
    and what do you want to check on resource monitor?
  3. Disk usage and memory usage. It'll let you know which processes are using disk/memory. It'll also show processes that task manager will leave out (such as administrator programs/services).

    If the file being used in the disk tab is pagefile.sys, this it's a RAM issue.
  4. It doesn't say pagefile.sys.
    "System" uses the disk the most.
    and BF4 is second on the list.
    100% usage.
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