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Hi I have 2 lans going into a single computer. I wanted to know how to force windows to use one connection for internet access over the other. One is the main internet connection used by the entire house and the other is used just for downloading. For some reason windows defults to the one used by the entire house so the downloads really hinder the speed of all the devices in the home. Im running windows 8.1 and thanks ahead of time!
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  1. Its not as simple as that but you can have some control. The command you want to look at is ROUTE. You can manually tell it to run some addresses on the secondary connection.
    You can control which it uses as its primary connection either by removing the route or by changing the metrics on the interfaces. This can be done in the network setting panel or with the route command. This is only used to select the primary you still must manually put in routes for each ip you wish to use the secondary connection.
  2. So if I have one connection whose sole purpouse is to transmit data to my nas drive. Could I enter the ip for my nas in the nic I want to use for that. And leave the second one with the
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    Doing that is simple. If for example you have your main nic on 192.168.1.x with a gate of and you have a second network 192.168.2.x and you remove the gateway from the settings it will just work. I knows it has 2 networks and if you were to put the nas on 192.168.2.x it would use that interface to use the nas and the other one for everything else.
  4. Thanks for the help I'll message back if I have any problems :)
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