Powering my 2 XFX Radeon HD 7870 cards

Hey Everyone!
I've always stopped by this site, but never posted anything, but now I have a question, so decided to join up and hopefully get some help.

I recently got a new computer case and stripped my current computer to its parts level and started to rebuild it in the new case. The new case is much larger, so there are some wires I need to extend. I'm most curious about my video cards and their power needs. I have 2 XFX Radeon HD 7870 video cards that are Crossfire'd together, each one has two 6 pin power connector to it. On my old case (when the wires reached) I would take the only two 6 pin connectors from the power supply and plug both into the top video card, and I then had two 6 pin adapter cables like the ones shown below, which would adapter two 4 pin molex cables into 1 6 pin power cable, and have both of these adapters plugged into the second card.

I wasn't sure if this was the most practical method, since it takes up four of my 4 pin molex connectors. While on eBay I spotted these 6 pin splitters, I ordered 2 and currently waiting on shipping. My thought is I can use these splitters just to spilt the two current 6 pin connectors into four, for a cleaner looking build and plenty of power.

I would imagine this would work, but I'd like to double check with everyone here.

What confuses me is, why would the first pictured adapter require two inputs to make one end? while the seconds pictured adapter take one input to make two ends?

If it helps, here's the links to the power supply and video cards I have

<<Power Supply>>
<<Video Cards>>
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    Get a new quality PSU before you burn your house down.
  2. damric said:
    Get a new quality PSU before you burn your house down.

    Thanks, I've been running it for a year with a splitter, no problems yet, but I may as well do it right, Ordered my new PSU

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