USB keyboard and mouse keep disconnecting & reconnecting randomly

Hello. Been having this problem last year, but it didnt last long until it happen again recently.

After the recent windows update, my usb keyboard and mice keep disconnecting and reconnecting randomly, and sometimes it happens after 2-3 seconds periodically. When this happens, the computer will freeze for a second and popup message from USB Safely Remove v5.1.3 shows USB composite/input device removed/loaded with either keyboard or mouse icon. The disconnecting pattern is either keyboard, mouse, or both. Tried exiting the application, however it still occurs.

What I've tried:
-Replaced the mouse with a new, unused one
-Disabled usb suspend mode, allow computer to turn off this device to save power, usb legacy support
-Uninstalled hidden (greyed) devices under device manager & deleted infcache.1 under system32/driverstore
-wiped mouse optic area
-checked windows log in event viewer and IRQs in device manager, nothing indicates about driver/hardware
-uninstalled mouse & keyboard, and finally everything under usb

After restarted, the "installing device driver" popup shows many of these devices, including "USB Keykoard" (what's a keykoard?), but these problems still happen.

This is an Asus N53SV laptop, running W7 x64. No other devices connected to the usb, and the motherboard actually was replaced last year after something fell onto it bricked it along with the hard disk.

Thank you for reading this.
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    It sounds like the common "lack of power at the USB ports" problem, if so it's easily fixed.

    Buy yourself a mains-powered USB hub and plug some of your USB devices in to that.
  2. I was pretty sure its the driver issue, but seems that it is actually the power problem. I unplugged the adapter from the socket extension and plugged it directly to the wall outlet, and there's no more problem. This reminds me, that it also disconnected and reconnected when a very loud/close lightning struck. Thank you for the answer.
  3. I'm puzzled as to the explanation of what you did, but glad it works okay now :)
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