Need help choosing a new keyboard.


My cheap wireless Microsoft keyboard died on me recently. I have decided to upgrade to a decent-quality one.

Mainly, I shall be using the keyboard for gaming - I mostly play strategy games but I also love the odd session of an FPS game. I will also be typing essays and doing other work with it.

A couple macro keys would be nice, but it is not an issue if they are not included. I do not really play and MMO's or MOBA games currently, however it would be good to have room to start playing them in future.

My budget is really as cheap as possible - I've never spent more than £15 or so on a keyboard before, and I'm still rather fearful of splashing out on a fancy one that I may not like. I will be quite flexible with the price range, but it cannot be more than £100. Preferably, I want it to be around £50.

I've been hearing some good things about mechanical keyboards. I honestly prefer that type of keyboard, where each keystroke is actually audible and satisfying. I'm not too bothered though, a fairly cheap mechanical one would be great but I'm not obsessed with the type.

Thus far, three keyboards have caught my eye from my research:

Going up in price, starting with this varying slightly in price depending on colour, this at £68, and this, which is about as much as I'm willing to spend.

Any suggestions, comments, experiences are all appreciated. I am not at all knowledgeable in the field of keyboards, so don't be afraid to correct me with anything. I want to know if the three I linked are any good, if so which is best. I want to know if mechanical keyboards are really worth the extra price, and which is best for me.

Thanks a lot!
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    Out of the 3 you chose, I would go with the QuickFire. I really don't hear much about logitech mechanical boards and know that the screen on the g510 won't work with many games. The k40 isn't mechanical and the QuickFire is. Way nicer typing on mechanical :D

    The k65 would be a better choice than the k40 and it's mechanical

    It's too bad you are in the UK, the Sidewinder x4 would be the perfect board for you. But last I heard they stopped selling/shipping to the UK for some reason.
  2. The Cooler Master Quickfire XT is a great keyboard for what you want. It's a basic, no-frill mechanical keyboard and the MX Blues are what you want because they have a satisfying clicky noise (I'm typing on my MX Blues right now).
  3. Thanks for the feedback, both of you.

    Does anyone mind briefly explaining what these "MX" blue and brown switches are all about, and the difference between the two?
  4. The four main common mechanical switches are Cherry MX Browns, Blues, Reds, and Blacks.
    Cherry MX Blues have a tactile bump, which means that you feel an increase in activation force when you're going to activate the key. This is so that you don't accidentally press a key. The Blues also have a clicky sound when it is activated, which is what you were looking for.
    The MX Browns are the exact same as the Blues except without clicky sound. They only have a tactile bump.
    Cherry MX Reds do not have a tactile bump or a clicky sound. They are one of the quieter mechanical switches and, since they have no tactile bump, are very smooth. It is possible to accidentally press a key because it's so soft without the tactile bump.
    Cherry Mx Blacks are just "heavier" Reds. They are the exact same except it requires more force to push down.
  5. Thanks, that clears a lot up for me.

    Although I do wish to hear the keys being pushed, I feel that the Blues will be too loud for me. I live with other family members, and on most weekends I am on my computer and typing while they are all asleep in adjacent rooms.

    How would the CM QuickFire XT suit me in Brown instead? Is the Brown dead silent, or is there still a satisfying click?
  6. Browns should make a bit of noise but are the quietest of the bunch. I've never owned one but just going off what I've read :)
  7. All mechanical switches are louder than your typical rubber dome keyboard. The Reds and the Browns are one of the quietest but still louder than a rubber dome.
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