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I'm not too tech savvy when it comes to hardware, so a while ago I bought an Nvidia GeForce GTX 770, only to find that it wasn't compatible with my motherboard. I have a IPISB-CH and have struggled to find out much about what I need.
If I'm correct, I need a Micro-ATX board as that is what I think the above board is, and an LGA1155 processor slot. Is the following a decent board to buy?
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  1. Did you upgrade your psu?
  2. I have - it was the one thing I knew to check. Even someone such as I could tell that the one I had wasn't close to being powerful enough. I think the motherboard is all I have left to replace for it to work as everything else seems to be of decent quality, though I may be wrong and would gladly accept any advice regarding other parts.
  3. Should be no reason it's not compatible. Could you give more info on how you came to this conclusion?
  4. Sorry, I can't quite tell what you're asking. Are you saying there should be no reason the card isn't compatible with my current board? If so:
    When I tried it, the PC wouldn't boot up. I can't quite recall what happened, but I think the screen was just blue. When I searched for what the issue could be, I found that a few people had had similar issues and many people claimed it was a result of incompatibility between the board and card. Additionally, sources such as do not show it as a compatible board.
  5. It is compatible, don't trust unreliable sites. What psu do you have?
  6. I have a Corsair CX750 (750W)
  7. Okay, I'm trying the gfx card and what happens is the following:
    The blue HP screen comes up with the option to press esc for startup menu. It doesn't get past that, though. If I press esc, I get to the black screen with system specs, but I can't press esc again to get to the startup menu. After a short while, there's a beep, with one more beep every 30 seconds~ until the 4th beep which is quickly followed by 3 very short and fast beeps. After that, the monitor loses all signal from the PC.
  8. Well it's showing a display which means it works so it's compatible. Is it hooked up properly with both pcie cables in? The beeps codes don't correspond to any beep code. Did you reset cmos?
  9. It's definitely hooked up properly, and I've tried resetting cmos. Still the same.
    Additionally, I posted a similar thread here:
    Others seem to think it's a problem with HP's UEFI compatibility which was what my initial research suggested as the answer. What's your opinion on this?
  10. Put in the old graphics card and see if there's a legacy mode option in bios.
  11. From the best I can tell.. The factory Motherboard of that HP only has Gen2 PCI-E and anything past a 5(00) series GTX needs gen3.

    I haven't been able to find any model numbers for the motherboard or specifics on it from my quick internet search.. but seeing that model came factory w a 260GTX then I highly doubt it is a Gen3 motherboard.
  12. If I am to buy a new motherboard (which seems likely at this point), is there anything that would be recommended? I'm struggling to find micro-ATX boards as it is, and finding ones with LGA1155 sockets is like finding a needle in a haystack (the only one I've been able to find thus far is: Is it worth getting an LGA1150 board and also getting a new processor, or is something like the aforementioned board okay to go for?
  13. You know you'd have to buy windows too so it would better to just return the gpu and get another one. Amd cards shouldn't run into the uefi issue.
  14. I bought the card and PSU at the same time, but the PSU was DoA, and so I had to order a second one. Due to this, it's way too late to return the card, unfortunately.
  15. Seeing as I have few other options, is there anything I'll need other than a motherboard and OS? Also, as I know little about motherboards, is there anything that could be recommended? Is the one linked above a decent buy?
  16. Well it's a different socket than your cpu. You need 1156 which you can only find used for a decent price. Make sure it's uefi compatible, which is going to be near impossible.

    There was a firmware update for the 770 so it would be compatible with non uefi mobos. Seems odd that you got an old card without it. Go look on the manufacturer's site or google so see any mention of flashing the gpu. Then use a friend's pc that it works on to do it.
  17. Do you meam 1155? All sources say that's what it is, so I assume it was a typo on your part? If so, how does look? It seems to fit all the requirements, at least from what I can tell.
  18. The i7 860 is 1156. You have 1156.
  19. Oh damn, that was a huge mistake on my part - I linked the wrong thing in my first post. Sorry if I wasted any of your time or effort due to that. It was exactly the same as what I have except for the gpu and processor. So sorry for making such a stupid mistake.
    I have an i7-2600 @ 3.4GHz
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    Oh then pretty much any 7 series mobo will be uefi and be easy to find. That msi will do.
  21. Thanks for everything you've done, K1114. I really needed the help you've given me.
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