I can Surf the internet but I cannot play online games

This is very strange, I left last Friday with a fully working computer I came back tonight and at first I couldn't even load up Fire Fox ( I have a wired connection ) It would say " The remote or resource won't accept the connection" but it said I was connected to the internet in the task bar. I went into the settings and turn the setting to "no proxy". This fixed my Firefox issue ( I can even use you tube ). However I cannot load up any game I play on the computer that requires internet access. Every game tells me that I have no internet access.

I've run AVG 2014 and have no virus's and I ran Spyware search and destroy and just the normal cookie stuff came up. So I don't know what it could be.

-I deleted AVG and tried AVAST still nothing. I also downloaded Super Anti-spyware Professional and Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. It found this file called "Privoxy and KB7007. It deleted it, no problem but this didn't solve anything.

I did the system restore and everything was a-ok ! I ended up playing some ESO ( elders scroll online ) for a bit then I logged off. I logged onto my computer today ( about 15 hours later ) and I have the exact same problem ! I even had the issue with connecting to Firefox until I went back into the setting and put no proxy ( it was sitting under auto-proxy again ) I can't connect to any only games and no even my spyware or anti virus programs can't connect ( this is a new problem )
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  1. privoxy is use to hide you ip from the net so it could be still in the restore point you need to remove all parts of it the check for kb7007 on google it is linking to this http://www.youtube.com/user/kb7007 and some similar . time to made some clean up .
  2. that link brought me to nothing helpful.. It's a bunch of 3 seconds videos of people
  3. scout_03 said:

    How do I get rid of it ?
  4. I did a system restore using the windows 7 cd and that seem to do the trick !
  5. i would also do a full virus scan on start up for everything like back up and archives without network in case of some left over files or registery keys .
  6. Nothing came up !
  7. then you system is safe and clear time to enjoy it .
  8. It may appear to be safe but I still have the same issue..
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