Having issues installing Win 7 Home Premium with burnt disc image.

Hello everyone,

A week ago I got a Sony VAIO but it was loaded with useless junk and viruses, so I decided I needed to format it and just start new. It didn't have a format with recovery partition option like most PC's I've used have, so I ran the drive through DBAN to clear everything and got a Win 7 Home Premium 64bit disc from my friend, a burnt copy not original. I already have the product key on the bottom of the machine so when I popped in the disc and ran the setup I expected everything to work, but things didn't work, at all. The OS itself looked fine but when I realized all networking wasn't working I tried to look into the control panel, and all I got was empty white screens and no networking options, or any options in the advanced settings.

I have no idea what is wrong but my best guess right now is I need to use something else to install Windows, however I don't know where to find a legitimate copy or how to install it to a flash or burn to CD. Does anyone know what might be causing my issues other than a bad copy of Windows on the disc, or is that my issue?
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  1. Use an original disk
  2. i7Baby said:
    Use an original disk

    I would have done that first if I could, but I don't have access to one. The person who gave me the PC never gave the recovery discs, I doubt she even has them still.
  3. Buy one
  4. i7Baby said:
    Buy one

    Why would I do that, I have the legitimate product key, it's a waste of $100.
  5. You need the original disk that matches that product key.
  6. You're absolutely sure about this? I thought Microsoft had a site with all of their ISO's available without activation for anyone who had a legit key but no discs. I couldn't find it when I looked on Google though, so I figured MS moved it or shut it down.
  7. Ask them.
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