Anyone know of a CPU temp monitoring program that can run hidden? (Windows 8.1)


Does anyone know of a program that monitors CPU temperatures that starts up on start up, runs in the background, shows temperatures on the task bar with the icon of the program hidden in the task bar box like Trixx Sapphire Tweak Utility in windows 8.1?

Any ideas on how to achieve this is appreciated?
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  1. Coretemp should do exactly what you need.
  2. Real temp can do this also. Both can select to show all cores, or only certain ones.
  3. k1114 said:
    Real temp can do this also. Both can select to show all cores, or only certain ones.

    I used real temp but I had to use another program to run it at start-up which is fine. The real issue is that the real temp window is present when I log in and the real temp icon is visible on the taskbar both I wish to avoid and hope to hide in some way.

    I would prefer a program like Trixx Sapphire Tweak Utility but for CPU temps that can hide in the task bar box on the right of the screen, start on start-up unassisted by other programs and have a small number visible on the taskbar which real temp already has.

    Any other suggestions?
  4. Realtemp isn't showing any other icon for me and you can set it to start minimized. You can set any software to start on startup either by putting the shortcut in the startup folder or use the scheduler. No extra software is needed unless we aren't talking windows.

    Coretemp was already suggested and really does the same thing.

    But here's another suggestion though; msi afterburner. It's based off the same rivatuner as trixx and has the option to show cpu info. Does everything else the other 2 in addition to being able to do it for the gpu plus not being limited to just showing temps. You can put cpu usage, ram usage, vram usage, and anything else it can monitor in the tray.
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    in that "taskbar box" you can click the "customize" link and set any icon to show or not show on the actual start bar or in the box...
  6. Thanks didn't know about that got it working the way I like it thanks again for the help.
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