W7 pc freezes, Ctrl-alt-del to unfreeze

I have a W7 Pro desktop unit connected to a windows domain. On this specific desktop, the cursor will lock (no mouse clicks works) although the directional movement works. I have to hit Ctrl-alt-del , choose task manager and then when Task Manager shows, the mouse and keyboard will work. I do not see any error messages in the Windows Event Application and System logs. I ran the W7 Memory Diagnostic Tool and it found no errors.There is nothing highlighted in Device Manager. I see the same problem ( only not as often) in Safe Mode with Networking. There is a wireless mouse and keyboard. Any ideas what to check?
Thanks, Brian
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  1. did you try with new battery and if that does not work uninstall it and let windows install it again .
  2. Before 3 months I was fetch same of the problem.
    Than I re install W7 and it works now.
  3. Scout_03- Is it the wireless mouse and keyboard that you are talking about? They do have new batteries but I have not removed and reinstalled. I'll try that.
    litonkrl - I am trying to avoid a reload of W7 due to the volume of data.
    Thanks to you both.
  4. I downloaded and installed the Logitech Setpoint application that corresponds to the Logitech Kb and mouse I have. Seems to come with different drivers rather than the MS os provided ones. Seems to have resolved the issue.
  5. they where using the generic one and that could have made conflict with them and the os .
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