i7 920 getting too hot?

Hey guys,

I have an i7 920 processor. The damn thing is getting really hot, but I don't know if it's "too hot". I did some searches and people are getting similar results to me, but the damn little fireballs on speedfan bug me.

Anyway, I've included some screenshots. I tried to use the same programs that I've seen others post.

The first is a light load. It says it's only using 10%... basically the web browser and some music. The heavy load is a full 100% when I was rendering out something in Maya (full 1080P using indirect lighting [heavy heavy load]).

Anyway, I was just wondering if these temperatures would work? I ask because I ordered a heatsink (cool master t4) and it appears that it didn't work for my motherboard (although Newegg and the box says it does). So, I am RMAing that and possibly getting the 212 EVO instead.

I just wanted to know if these temperatures will work for a week or so until the new heatsink comes?

Thanks! I really appreciate it!

Oh yeah, the thing I forgot to mention. Speed fan says there is only one fan, but there's actually four different fans. There are two in the front, one on top and one in the back.
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    Temperatures are very normal for i7. If it gets into ~80'C I would consider better cooling options.

    The 212 mounts are better than the T4. The T4 is very similar, but you'll notice the better quality right away.
  2. If you set the desired temperatures(or was it warning) higher in the speedfan config the flames will go away :)

    Had a 920 with the 212 plus(old one) and it worked great.
  3. I appreciate the information, man. That makes me feel a whole lot better. I've been getting worked up when it hits ~55-60C.

    Would you agree with damric, Nukemaster? The temperatures I posted are fine?
  4. I used to have an i7 920 overclocked to 4.2Ghz. SpeedFan "fireballs" simply mean that temperature limits haven't been configured. Regardless, it would help to switch SpeedFan from F to C. Please read SpeedFan's .chm file to learn how to properly configure SpeedFan.

    Also, please read the Intel Temperature Guide -

    CT :sol:
  5. I'd say we are all in agreement.
  6. Oh, wow, according to the page that Computronix posted, if my Ambient temperature is closer to 25C (which it is), then my reported temperatures are actually lower? So that means, I subtract the 3C from my RealTemp readings? So, at light load, I am getting closer to 40C right now.
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