Is it worth upgrading a motherboard in order to use SLI on two video cards?

Made a huge mistake that has unfortunately has cost me a arm and a leg, not literally, but feels like it.

I had decided I needed to upgrade my motherboard components, and finding that the X58 was reliable to just to keep the mother board ,i also decided to purchase a GTX 660.2gb Than I had read about SLI , thought it sounded pretty suave and to to beat a GTX 770 ti to boot! So I purchased another GTX 660 2gb. Yes yes, I know I could have just bought the GTX 770 ti, but I had ended up saving money by getting the two. Alas, I also upgraded my processor because I also figured hell might as well, I mean, in computer world NOTHING could go wrong at this point. Hooked up my SLI Cable I bought at a local electronic store. Nothing.

I do my due diligence, which of course sounds terrific on hindsight , and find that the P6T SE DOES NOT support SLI (and yes , I tried flashing my bios upgrade to past, but for some reason my bios is just not recognizing the new roms as being the one for THIS motherboard)

With this all explained, I researched other LGA 1366 socket boards (so I wouldn't have to buy another processor) and found a couple , Rampage III , Stealth , ... etc.

Is it worth upgrading a motherboard in order to use SLI on two video cards?
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  1. Well you're going to have to from what you've told us.

    I don't think the 660 was that good. The 660ti was OK though. I'd try to get some money together for a 770 or something better. And then sell the 660.

    Don't forget you probably also have to upgrade your power supply too.

    And make sure you've got plenty of room for SLI in your case.
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