I am getting a haswell CPU named i5 4570 I need a good quality 500 watt psu. Please suggest

Getting a haswell CPU which psu to buy under rs 4000.
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  1. The psu doen't jsut powr the cpu. It powers all the pc.

    Usually the most power demand is from the gpu. What graphics card to you have?
  2. Don't get a vs corsair. They are not certified.
  3. Quite unfortunate that only limited options are available there. Corsair CS and VS series PSUs and Seasonic which has been quoted.
  4. I'm getting a gtx 660
  5. Ok - that helps. Then you need at least a 430W psu. Get the Seasonic 520.
  6. Sorry I can't stretch anymore.
  7. You said "I need a good quality 500 watt psu" and the Seasonic is all you could get (from flipkart). Save your money and buy it. Don't buy a crap psu because that's all you can afford right now. You'll regret it in another year when you are getting constant BSODs.
  8. Totally agreed with i7Baby. OP pl provide some other online stores website links so that I may check them as well. Maybe you get lucky and get some best value product there. For a while consider quoted seasonic psu.

  9. Is the seasonic s12ii that good
  10. Get the eco 500 or the s12ii. It is worth the additional 500 Rs if you have the additional 500 Rs.
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