Next card for WC loop upgrade in november Radeon r9 290 (Powercolor / XFX) VS GTX 780 (Evga Superclocked)

Hey guys, I need some advice. I've been picking parts for a WC loop upgrade, and my budget is around $900. Ive picked some nice WC parts, which leaves $500 to spare on a gpu. (Prefer not to use it all) so I've been looking around, and man, there are great deals. The gtx 780 super clocked by evga is exactly $500, and seems to overclock like a beast. So I was going to pick that, but I found a card, by powercolor. It was a $330 r9 290. I thought I wasn't seeing right. That thing rivals the 780 at 1440p (my beloved overlord monitor is what I play on) , and is $150 less. I heard under WC the 780 overclock even better, but is not as fast as the 290 at 1440p. In 1080, it beats it by a bit, though. So I'm leaning towards the 290. Any suggestions?
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    Yeah - go with the 290. $330 is a real good price. With water cooling, doesn't matter if they had crap cooler or noisy fans.
  2. So I also found an xfx double dissipation, for $390. Was wondering if anybody had a r9 290 for $360 or less. Thanks!
  3. Ok, should I buy it now since it's at a low price? Also, that product seems to be faulty 25% of the time... should I just put in another 50 for a better model? Powercolor's rma process is said to be horrid... Anyone have good experiences with powercolor?
  4. Yep - buy it now or kick yourself tomorrow!
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