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Best Free Antivirus Software?

Hello, I have the free version of MalwareBytes installed and My free Norton that comes with my Comcast subscription but a friend is getting a PC soon and he is a Dish head (no offense to dish heads) so he doesn't get Norton so I am looking for the best free antivirus software for him because he doesn't want to spend money on it. Any ideas?
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  1. Normally I would just suggest MalwareBytes (my first choice) but your already ahead of me on that...

    Options would be:

    And there may also be a free version of McAfee out there (not 100% sure on that one though)
  2. I use AVG myself but I use the paid version. Still, I have never had a problem with AVG
  3. I tend to use Microsoft Security Essentials. It does the job and the updates come through windows update, so it's pretty idiot proof. It's also fairly resource light and can actually be uninstalled when you want it to be (unlike Norton).
  4. For the past two years I've used MSE and a good dose of common sense (with the ocassional scan with malwarebytes when I'm suspicious of something/feeling paranoid). No problems so far *knocks wood*.
  5. Avg is the best.
    dont use avira as it caused me some issues when i was gaming online.
  6. I like Avast free, but I crank all the settings and change the auto update to every 8 min.

    Works great, even has hardened mode for free version.
  7. for free antivirus i like avast and antil MalwareBytes
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    AVG free antivirus (
    It includes antispyware and antivirus. Its detection level is good. It also provides link scanner which doesn't work and is of no use. Its resident shield works good.
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