Gigabyte 78lmt usb3 realtek sound driver not showing in device manager

Yesterday , I Bought a gigabyte 78lmt usb 3 . My first question is ! does this motherboard has realtek Audio card ? or it has its own integrated audio card ? I downloaded realtek azalia ati from their main site after selecting my motherboard and os . After installation system reboots . still there is no realtek in control panel Hardware and sounds .but it is there in uninstall a program in control panel .... and i went to C:\Program Files (x86)\Realtek then the audio folder size is only 3 mb ? why ? my sound is working but . where is realtek ? ,,either the driver is not installing or the hardware of realtek is corrupted ?. and there is no process of realtek running in task manager . and yes im using windows 7 64 bit !
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    Look in Device Manager under "Sound, video & game controllers"

    Also, you must install the "Chipset Driver" from the Gigabyte website before you install the other drivers.

    If you failed to do that there is no need to uninstall any drivers. Just install the Chipset Driver now, then re-install the sound driver.
  2. umm yes i was downloading gigabyte 78lmt usb3 rev 4.1 my motherboard is rev 5.0 the sound driver name is different :\ mb_driver_audio_via_v10800a-amd.exe
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