Gigabyte R9 280x 77C and increasing ! And strange graphics bugs,

1) I played like 3 missions in BF3, and everything is on ultra, the GPU temp reached 77C, normal ?

2) I have 4 cables that are coming out of the GPU, i only have three places in the PSU cable, so there is a cable that is not connected, would that be the reason ?

3) The graphics bugs went away when i replaced 1 cable with another.

so it is like, 4GPU/3PSU, one cable is crying, and seems like every cable got its mission, that's why the bugs went away...
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  1. REV 1.0/2.0 cooled model?

    What cables are in your GPU? 8pin vs 6 pin.
  2. 6pin and 4pin i guess ? i'm a noob at this sorry, if you are talking about the black squared jacks, one has 4 squares, and one has 6, if you are talking about the pins in the white rectangular jacks, it is 3 pins only
  3. all you need is the 6+2 in the 8 pin, and the 6 part of the other in the 6 pin.
  4. ok... so 80C for r9 280x, is safe ?
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    max, that would be good, yes.
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