Crossfire R9 290 and EyeFinity

Hey guys,
Just did a major upgrade on my gaming rig. It is now:
4770k @ ~ 4.3
2 X Sapphire r9 r90 tri-x
Asus Maximus VII Hero
16 GB DDR3-1866

I currently have a Benq XL2720Z and I love it. However yesterday I hooked my old Samsung 245T up to run dual monitor and it has made me think that maybe an eyefinity setup with 3 of the Benq would be pretty awesome. The Benq is a 1920x1080 144hz display. Could I run three of them on my crossfired 290's?

What other factors should I be looking at?

Thank you in advance

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    Yes 3 monitors are awesome, but you may not get 144 fps constant on max settings, that's quite demanding, but turn doen setting and should be fine
  2. Awesome, thank you. I usually play at just under max settings anyway to keep things nice and smooth. Those monitors will also do 100hz which might be a good middle ground. Now I just need to justify the 1000 ;)
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