Does this graphics card work with my mainboard?

Hey there!

I'm planning to get a new graphics card as I am currently using an on-board chip which does not fit my needs.
I would like to upgrade my PC (Midi-Tower; 180x420x470) with an Asus GF GTX 770 graphics card.

My main questions are:
- Is it compatible to my mainboard?
- Will it fit in my tower?
- Is there something I should know regarding the on-board chip?
- do I need a better power supply?

My mainboard:

Asus H81M-C
Socket: LGA 1150
PCI-E 2.0

Processor: Intel Core i5-4570 (4x3,2 GHz); 8 GB RAM
current Graphics chip: Intel HD Graphics 4600 (1150 MHz)

Power supply: 500 W SL-500NT

If any important data is missing let me know.

Thanks in advance,

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  1. Best answer
    it'll fit your motherboard.

    Case; Measure from Back to start of HDD cage, if not long enough see if you can remove HDD bay sections, then it should fit.

    There is nothing you need to know about the on-board chip.

    You need a better PSU, Preferably; Seasonic/XFX/Antec/Corsair with at least 80+ Bronze certification and a minimum of 5 years warranty, 600W. If a PSU you found fits all those categories, then you know your looking at something quality.
  2. Well - thanks a lot :)
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