FPS drop after installing nvidia driver 337.88

I tried playing skyrim and my FPS was 16 it was so laggy but i always play skyrim on ultra settings fine without any problem i have a gtx 760 and an fx 6300. Thanks
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    Do a clean installation. Go into Windows' uninstaller, and manually remove everything with the name Nvidia. You'll have to restart at least twice (once for graphics driver and another time for sound driver, so save them for last). Then use Display Driver Uninstaller, which you can download here:,9.html

    Let it take you to safe mode, check the "remove C:\Nvidia folder" option, and then click the action to uninstall and restart.

    Once you're normally back into Windows, go ahead and manually install the 337.88 driver again. That should clear out any driver issues. If it doesn't work, there's something else, but it definitely seems driver related, so give this a shot first. It'll take only about 10 minutes or so (depending on how fast your computer restarts).

    Good luck!
  2. i have the problem too i do what the eggz say but didnt work :(
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