R9 280X, FX-8350 at 4.7Ghz, and 8gb of RAM but getting average 30FPS in Minecraft (FTB Tech World 2)

So the title explains my problem, i've updated Java, my video card drivers, all my drivers actually, and everything else, but I get unbelievably low frames on FTB, i'm aware its a modpack but on my old laptop (i7-2670qm, GTX 570M) it ran like average 200 FPS.

Any and all help appreciated, just sad after all this and every game at max settings something in Java and looking like Doom can't run higher than 60FPS

Also, I do have a Samsung 840 EVO 500GB so read/write times shouldn't be the issue either.

Just to make sure everyone knows, here's the full specs:
PSU = ENERMAX Platimax EPM1200EWT (1200Watt)
Case = Cooler Master HAF XB EVO
Motherboard = Sabertooth 990FX R2.0
CPU = FX-8350 4.7Ghz stable at 1.425 - 1.45 Vcore
CPU Cooler = Noctua NH-U14 1 x 140MM
GPU = XFX Black Edition R9 280X Core = 1080Mhz Memory = 1550Mhz (Stock)
RAM - 1x8gb AMD Radeon Memory 1600Mhz CAS = 9-9-9-28
2x140MM B-gears blaster 110 CFM
1x120MM B-gears blaster 110 CFM
1x80MM Purex 30 CFM
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  1. how did you test the overclock on your cpu?
  2. What's your power supply?
  3. My overclock is stable I've run prime95 blend like 3 times already, that is definitely not it, my PSU is 1200Watt lol. I have my Vcore at 1.425 - 1.45 volts, its stable and temps are good 38C-98F Idle and 50C-120F Load.
  4. Anyways, no one ever responded back but, I did figure out the issue. After I installed Optifine which still made no difference I had noticed Mipmap level was maxed out and decided to turn it to its lowest setting and Bam, 200FPS. The lowest I've seen it so far was about 120FPS and highest being in the 250's and it runs butter smooth now :) So for anyone in this mess, definitely turn it off. Also, other things:

    Under the performance tab in Optifine do this -> Chunks Per Frame = 1, Smooth FPS and Smooth World I prefer on but you can turn it off (Can boost FPS), Load Far = off (Depends though I still get good frames with it but it becomes very jolty at time), and graphics, smooth lighting also off. Also I can run shader mods (Alexia V2's_ at stable 100 FPS too so overall performance kicks butt :)
  5. Hi Benton,
    First off, thanks for coming back to post an update, many don't bother once they've solved their issue.

    My rig is just a shade less beefy than yours, but with every single performance option set to fastest or off (I'm using Optifine_1.5.2_HD_U_D2) the best I can get is 71 fps, standing still, in a local world. That's with stock texture, normal range, and no shaders (no fog, no weather, no particles, you name it, it's all off). I'm running a Sapphire R9 280X. I wasn't expecting to get 200+ fps, but I would like to be able to play with 64x textures, shaders enabled, and all graphics set to high (except maybe view range) - but I get 6-8 fps when I try that. I'm running FTB Unleashed, btw.

    I'm thinking it might be with the version of Optifine that I'm using. Can you tell me exactly what version you've got?
    Thanks in advance.
  6. Hey, don't know if you've fixed your problem or not but I just got back on here and wanted to respond to you.

    Check around on which version to use, I haven't played in a while so i'm not fresh on names but, FTB Unleashed runs weird since of the amount of mods it has but, I get stable 95 FPS. There are people who recommend which Optifine to use, don't remember which one but I know that it can mean the difference between 30 FPS or 150 FPS. Also, now that I think about it, I don;t think I have Optifine in Unleashed. Try without it maybe that will work?
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