GTX 770 or r9 280x bottleneck a x4 760k ?

Hi guys , just got my CPU and now wondering if to go with a gtx 770 or r9 280x ( if there's no bottleneck ) if there is which is the best card that won't bottleneck the CPU ( I'm overclocking the CPU )
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  1. What CPU is it?
  2. AMD althon x4 760k
  3. I would recommend going with the AMD R9 280X then. There is less of a chance of anything "bottlenecking" with that CPU. The 280X also gets better FPS than the 770 in a lot of games.

    Overall...I think you would be a lot happier with the AMD R9 280X than you would a Nvidia GTX 770.

    ~ Logic
  4. Okay thank you and which brand would you recommend ? :)
  5. Depends what games you'll be playing. The 760k won't physically bottleneck those GPUs, but you will see noticeable frame drops and 'lag' in CPU-intensive moments during gameplay, especially multiplayer. Going with a weaker CPU like the 760k, I would go with the 280x if you play games such as BF4 or Thief, as Mantle will greatly improve performance for you.
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    My new FAQ on the matter:
    Bottlenecks for Beginners
    THW is always in need of bottleneck explanation, so here is my take on the subject matter.Your "bottleneck" will be dependent on the software you run and your display.For gaming:Your CPU handles the game engine and will be able to make a certain amount... Read More
  7. I got Q9550. Will there be bottleneck with r9 270x?
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