How do I find the right motherboard for my upgrade?

I'm upgrading my motherboard so I can get a new CPU im leaning towards the FX-8320/8350 which both need an AM3+ socket. My current motherboard has an FM2 socket so that's why I need a new one. But how do I find the right motherboard? I know for sure that I need one with an AM3+ socket but is there anything else my motherboard needs to have to match my system specs? Thanks I need to find a motherboard to fit these specs....

My specs after upgrade:
CPU: AMD FX-8350
GPU: AMD Radeon HD 7770

Also I'm on a budget for my motherboard I can't really get a motherboard that's over $80
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    The lowest price and good AM3+ MB you can get that will be this, GIGABYTE GA-970A-UD3P AM3+
  2. If you're going to get an 8350, consider an 8320 and spending a bit more on the motherboard.
  3. That would be difficult, everything is old with the FX-8350, but you would still need a 990 chipset. And 4 gigs of RAM is really poor on such a system, I got 4 gigs now on my old rig and am having trouble playing all the newest games even on 720p.

    Sorry, but under no circumstance is it going to be a balanced system, nor future proof. I'm afraid you're going to have to keep saving for another month or two then maybe go for Kaveri or Xeon. Just not gonna work at this price! :(
  4. Keep saving. You don't want a 970 board with a 8320/8350.
  5. cin19 said:
    The lowest price and good AM3+ MB you can get that will be this, GIGABYTE GA-970A-UD3P AM3+

    This is 100% correct. Gigabyte GA-970A-UD3P is an excellent option and the exception to those saying 'get a 990FX board instead'.


    It has 8+2 phase power design and good chipset and VRM cooling. Most 970 boards have 4+1 or 6+1, which is only good for stock speeds on the FX 8 core CPUs. They also don't always have VRU cooling, which leads to failures due to overheating. You don't want to OC an FX 8000 series unless you have 8+2 phase power and good cooling on your chipset and VRUs. This is why most people will avoid the 970 boards with this CPU.

    The BIOS also has great OC features, voltage controls, clock speed tweaks and LLC.

    Personal experience: I've gottan an FX 6350 stable at 4.950 GHz on this same board. It was solid, had stable voltages and cool temps on the socket and VRUs.

    The only real reason you might want to spend more on a 990FX board is if you plan to crossfire or SLI in the future. 970 will do x16 / x8, 990FX will do x16 / x16.
  6. But he's trying to push it, sacrificing almost everything just to get the best CPU possible, The mobo is just as important as any other component, additionally he is even neglecting memory capacity.

    I do not know much about Intel, but I am a skilled AMD builder and I cannot approve of this!
  7. I would still suggest getting an 8320 and putting the extra money somewhere. RAM would probably be a good idea like bigbadbeef suggested. The 4gb will really hold you down later. Even with a 7770 the extra 4gb RAM would overall.
  8. Well yeah later if not when I buy the rest of the parts I will get 8gb of ram. I know that the 8320+7770 aren't so great together but I am panning to get maybe a GTX 750ti or 760
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