do i need an aftermarket cooler

Im buyin an i5 4690, and using it in a gaming oriented pc, Do i need an after market cooler, or will the stock cooler be fine?
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    You can't overclock the 4690. So you should be fine with the stock cooler. But if you just want cooler temps for your CPU, go with a Hyper 212 EVO and you'll be golden.
  2. You won't need it because you can't do any true overclocking but it will keep your PC quieter and cooler than the little buzzsaw that is the stock Intel cooler. Basically, anything with a 120mm fan that is mounted vertically is superior to it.
  3. No the stock cooler will be fine, you only need an aftermarket cooler if you plan on overclocking (which you cant with that chip) or the ambient temps in the area the computer is is high. :)
  4. TY, my room runs a little hot in day time, so i think i'll go with the aftermarket one, plus its isnt that expensive. Thank you for the help.
  5. I'd go to and look at their top-5 for quiet. Any of those will cool better than the stock.
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