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Hello guys!

I recently started having some problems with my CPU. It started after I decided to take out my graphics card and clean it.
When I started the computer and ran a game (directly after cleaning the graphics card) the temp steadily rose to 90 degrees which made the computer turn off.

I have since then added new thermal paste but the temperature is still really high, even with a very low load (all cores with less than 20% load) but the temperature keeps jumping from 50 to 70.

Do I need a new cooling system for my CPU?

My specs are:
AMD Radeon 7900 HD Series
AMD FX(tm)-8120 Eight-Core Processor
XFX Pro Series 850W Black Edition PSU
1 TB Sata HD
CM Storm Enforcer Case
Gigabyte GA-970A-DS3 Motherboard

Also, here is an image of Core Temp while I only had ~7 programs running (the heaviest one being Firefox)

Thank you on beforehand for any help i receive! :)
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  1. What CPU cooler are you using? Are you sure the fan on it is working?
  2. Yeah, I was gonna say that you have this OC'ed with a 1.4125V on vCore (~1.35V is stock). If this is on stock cooling, then, yes, you will have these temps. You need an aftermarket cooler. You could begin looking at the Cooler Master 212 EVO. Nice budget cooler with good cooling.
  3. It might jsut be me, but the voltages seems a bit high to me.
  4. Dom_79 said:
    What COU cooler are you using? Are you sure the fan on it is working?

    Not sure, is there any way to check? The fan is working.

    Also at the moment the temperature seems to be stuck at ~75.
  5. Did you build this yourself or prebuilt? Have you overclocked this yourself or no?
  6. cball1311 said:
    Did you build this yourself or prebuilt? Have you overclocked this yourself or no?

    It's prebuilt. The company that built it actually gave me 8GB too little so I wouldn't be too surprised if there is something else wrong. I bought the computer less than 2 years ago and I haven't had any problems with the CPU until today.

    I haven't overclocked it (at least not to my knowledge)
  7. Yeah, then it looks like that the company overclocked it. You should download CPU-Z and get a shot of the RAM specs on here too so we can see what speed the RAM is running. Post a shot of the Memory tab from CPU-Z. Do you know how to change settings in the BIOS?
  8. Alright, here is the CPU-Z image that you wanted

    The computer has now started to freeze for a couple of seconds every now and then as well.

    I haven't edited any options in BIOS, but I know how to access it so it shouldn't be too hard.

    Thanks for the quick responses!

    Edit: Don't know if you can see the image. I cant
  9. OK image now up. The best thing to do is to go into your BIOS and go into the M.I.T. section. Then hit either F6 or F7 to "Load Optimized Defaults". Make sure you do this under the M.I.T section and not the main screen or it will change everything in your BIOS. Once you have done this, post a Core Temp or CPU-Z (CPU Tab) image. Then, stress the CPU (while Core Temp is open) and post to see max temps while under load.
  10. Alright, I changed the BIOS settings like you asked, these are the results:

    CPU while idle:

    CPU with max load:

    This is so very weird. It started when I took out and cleaned my graphics card and I must have hit something or messed it up physically since it was doing fine before I did it.

    I pressed the CPU fan a bit too heard maybe because I wanted to remove the sticker that was in the middle of it (I had heard that removing the stickers would increase efficiency)

    Edit: Images not working again? I'll post the links to be sure.
    With load:
    While idle:
  11. No images.
  12. Ok. It doesn't look like anything has changed. ??? When you go into M.I.T in the BIOS, is everything on Auto?
  13. CPB is Enabled
    DRAM E.O.C.P is Disabled
    Everything else is auto
  14. Ok. In the BIOS again, go to System Status or PC Status and check the specs there. See if the CPU frequency is 3.1 GHz (3100MHz) and the vCore is around 1.35V. If it is then there is some software overclocking on Windows boot.
  15. Alright, in M.I.T:
    CPU Frequency (MHz): 20
    CPU Northbridge Frequency: 2200 MH (z?)
    Normal CPU vCore: 1.4125V
  16. Yeah, that's way to high. In M.I.T., Change the CPU Clock Ratio so that you get as close to 3100Mhz and change the CPU Voltage Control to 1.35V. Turn off Core Performance Boost. Restart, then go back into BIOS and check PC Health Status to make sure it is the frequency you set (~3100MHz and 1.35V on vCore). Then check your temps again.
  17. CPU Clock Ratio was already at 3100 MHz
    I changed CPU Voltage control to 1.3625V

    So, I just checked the temp and it was about 10 degrees lower, resting at around 63. When I stressed the CPU it went well then suddenly went up to 100% load (temp was around 77) and my TV says there is no signal. Maybe it is best to buy a new CPU & Cooler?
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    Yeah, that is way hot. Should never go over 70C. I would try an aftermarket cooler to start. The Cooler Master 212 EVO is a great budget cooler (~$30). Put that on and then see what you get. If you do get a new CPU, you will already have a good cooler to put on it so it wouldn't hurt to try that first. Plus, that motherboard isn't good for overclocking, the power phase is really low. I would keep the CPU at stock.
  19. Alright, I think I'll do that!

    Thank you for all of the advice and support you provided for me, I really appreciate you taking your time and trying to help me fix this.

    Adios! :)
  20. Sure. No problem. Post back once you get the cooler.
  21. cball1311 said:
    Sure. No problem. Post back once you get the cooler.

    So I just installed the new cooler you recommended and the temp while writing this is jumping between 20 and 30 degrees celsius. I will try stressing it in a bit.
  22. That's more like it. .....Ok. Post back.
  23. Yep everything is working great, my max temp so far is 44 degrees. Considering this cooler is like 4 times the size of my old one it had to be amazing :)

    Thanks for the tips and overall help man!
  24. No problem man. Glad to help you out. Always good to "keep cool" :)
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