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Hey toms hardware people! I have a quick question regarding overclocking my GPU. I am using a gigabyte R9 270 OC and have overclocked it to 1100MHZ Core/1500 MHZ memory and increased the power limit to +10%. My question is, does increasing power limit hurt the gpu? BTW i have a EVGA 500B power Supply and an FX-6300 processor.
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  1. Overclocking will speed up the deterioration of the graphics card theoretically. More power will be needed to keep it stable. But you can try backing off on the power if you feel like its too much. I wouldn't worry too much.
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    your psu can sustain overclocking on both your cpu and gpu. as for the gpu, you will soon find the limit though, as voltage is locked on your card.anyway you have reached good numbers.ensure though it is stable by running stress test like furmark.increasing power limit will help stability and doesnt practically hurt, as long as it is properly cooled. make sure max temps doenst climb over 80c (under load) for safety reasons and longevity!
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