2 Way SLI ASUS GTX 760 vs AMD R9 290X on a ASRock ASRock 970 Pro3, FX-8350

so question are on title :)
AMD FX-8350
16GB 1333Mhz
ASRock 970 Pro3 R2.0
SSD 120
OCZ 750W Fatal1ty

And you could tell about my build and parts where need upgrades on a 4K gaming.
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  1. An i5, two 780 Tis is what you would need for 4K gaming.
  2. For 4k, i think neither graphics are powerful enough. The best of the two options would be the 290x, but you'll need two for gaming on 4k. The processor is fine, just make sure you overclock it. You might be able to get away with 780 sli, but id spend the few extra hundred dollars (since your already talking over $1000) just to make sure it'll run.
  3. If its not already too late, do not buy that mobo. ASrock has very cheap bad 970 motherboards that I have had to deal with. Buy and Asus M5A99x Evo or Pro. Its worth the price you can overclock insanely. I'm at 4.7 on my 8320 with an air cooler and the temps are fine.
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    If you want a GPU that is tried and tested for 4k just go 295X2. 2 780ti costs the same and you have to sli. 2 290x will have temp problems.
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