2 x asus 7770hd 2gb gfx cards running crossfire?

i got 2 x asus 7770hd 2gb gfx cards running crossfire, when i play ghosts or bf4 it plays for 2 mins then crashes, any help please? i have 8gb ram, 8 core 8350 4.1ghz, ssd. if i use just 1 card it plays fine. thxs David
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  1. What power supply are you using?
  2. What is your power supply?
  3. I dont see why you would ever pay out money for 2 hd 7770's just so you can crossfire them. One good card is always better than 2 "medium" cards. If i ware you i'd buy the r9 270x or the r7 265x. When you crossfire GPU's there will be errors.
  4. Calnin said:
    What is your power supply?

    600w aero cool tower
  5. Each card can run up to 150w per card. So 300w total between the 2 cards. That leaves 300w for the rest of your components to use. So it could be a power problem.

    When you say that when you run 1 card it works just fine. When you test with a single card, is it always the same card you run it with? If not, I'd run each card individually with a benchmark program to see if any fail on their own. If that is the case that is your problem.

    To be honest I think it is power problem tho. The fx8350 can run up to 160w on idle, and over 350w under load (like in a game). If you add up just the processor and the 2 cards your at 650+w! I'd upgrade your psu.

    Underpowering your equipment can cause damage. If they aren't toasted now, they will be.
  6. when i convert video using both cards it all works fine, that software use both cards fast as f@*k! cant be power, drivers?
  7. It is your power supply. One it is not really a good quality and i doubt it actually deliver 600W on the 12v rails.
    Second 650W psu or 750W is better.
  8. thxs guys. anybody wanna bu a asus 7770 hd 2gb hardley used? lol :)
  9. david m cglynn said:
    thxs guys. anybody wanna bu a asus 7770 hd 2gb hardley used? lol :)

    My friend needs one.
    I could talk with him, WHat would the price be in that case?
  10. gonna try buy new power pack, any suggestions on a psu, i got amd 8350, 2x 7770 hd gfx, ssd, 1tb hd, dvd writer, gigabyte ud3 fx990 mb thxs. If i cant afford new psu william norberg I will let you know, was looking at £75 if i sell it?
  11. I am gonna sell both asus 7770 hd 2gb gfx cards £140 for both anybody interested?
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