Whats the max safe voltage for a ATI Radeon HD 6450

Well i was wondering what the safe voltage for my card was
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    If this helps you shouldn't have any issues with this card; having this card myself I know that it consumes very little power and can be run perfectly fine on almost any sized psu. AMD recommend you have a 400W psu for this card; however I've heard of people using lower PSU's like a 250W and having no issues as the power is so small.

    On hwcompare it says that the Max Wattage for the card is only 31W which is so low.
  2. That's really hard to say. If the card has any throttling technology it will protect itself by automatically downclocking.

    I'm not sure what you're trying to accomplish but if you got a 10% overclock and the game ran at 20FPS you'd be at best running at 22FPS now.

    It's a pretty low-end card so people don't tend to overclock and the cooling solutions might not be optimal either since they are made as cheaply as possible (card costs $30 or so).
  3. I think you might be wasting your time. You could overclock this card to the gills, and it will still get beaten silly by a HD6570 or GT630. If you're just doing this for practice or as an exercise, keep a close eye on temps as you gradually increase clocks and bump voltage, perhaps 0.05V at a time. If it either overheats and throttles, or becomes unstable or artifacts, and another 0.05V doesn't help stability, you know you've crossed the maximum limit for the card.
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