Can the r9 290 run a triple monitor setup?

The title says most of it, but can the gigabyte windforce run a triple monitor setup, 5760 x 1080p? If so, how? It doesn't have 3 of the same port.
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  1. Absolutely, you don't need three of the same outputs, just pick three of what it does have, plus, displayport can drive multiple monitors per output. If you need 3 HDMI or something, that's what adapters are for.
  2. Ok, and just to clarify, the ports on the computer are "male" and the ports on the screen are "female"? I don't want to buy backwards adapters.
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    As said, it depends on what MONITORS you have.

    Ideally you want a combination of DisplayPort and DVI, though if you don't have an HDMI input on the monitor, HDMI should work fine with an HDMI->DVI adapter or just use an HDMI->DVI cable.

    If buying the monitors new, I suggest getting:
    1xDVI, 1xDisplayPort, and 1xHDMI inputs.

    Monitor#1: DVI
    Monitor#2: DVI
    Monitor#3: DisplayPort
  4. ok. I also decided to go with a gtx 770. problem solved. Thanks!
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